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If you are interested in coming along on our Grape Journey, send Gerry an email at  Please tell us a little about yourself and where you grow.  

Here is what you can expect to receive over the next 2 years. (2021-2023)

* Our Grape Blog, "Through the Grapevine," will be sent to your email address every 4 months. The Blog will cover what Gerry is discovering in his grape research, accompanied by photos of seasonal changes. Summer will include processing and culinary techniques. Gerry will discuss his grape observations, training techniques, fertility and mulching recommendations, weather-related changes & effects, taste & flavor profiles, parent line stories of interest, and recommendations for further reading or videos.

* Each year, Gerry will present one 2 hour On-Farm Grape Workshop. This presentation will be in an online video format. This will give him a chance to talk story and show you our 5 Vineyards, varieties, techniques and best practices, and what he is discovering. An email will be sent to you with a link to the Workshop.


If possible in year 2, we will present the Workshop in two ways: Live here at Kawanui Farm in Kona or with a link to an online Workshop video. You will be notified ahead of time of these 2 On-Farm Grape Workshop opportunities.

* If you are interested in following us on Instagram at #kawanuifarm #grapesforhawaii we will be posting photos of the vineyards and practices at least 2 times a month.

* At the end of Year 2, we will email you with an opportunity to receive our printed Booklet called “Growing Table Grapes in Subtropical Hawai’i Using Organic Practices.” This Booklet will be a summary of our 8 years of research. It will be mailed to your address, or you can access it online.

* Following the end of the Grape Research and Education project in 2023, a grape repository of vetted varieties will be available for growing from scions. You will receive an email about this opportunity at that time.

* If at anytime you wish to be dropped from our email list, please let me know at

Mahalo Nui for your interest!
Gerry Herbert and Nancy Redfeather
Kawanui Farm