Growing a grape using the modified Geneva Double Curtain .jpg
Running on the Wires between the posts.jpg
One year old vines.  Looks like good grape basket material to me!.jpg
Baby grape.jpg
Keeping Clusters from the Birds.jpg
Isabella 2021.jpg
Pedestal Trellis for Nesbitt Grapes.jpg
North Vineyard with ti leaf mulch.jpg
The Grape Variety Edna
Variety Edna Leaf Shape
Grape Variety 13B
November 2021: Fall in the Vineyard brings out the Chinese Beetles to help create dormancy
November 2021:  Summer rains are pau and the dry time of year has finally come.  It has be
November 2021: Mulching the Vineyards for the Dry season in Kona.jpg
Winter 2022 North Vineyard before pruning.jpg
North Vineyard Winter Solstice 2021.jpg