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  • Michelle Carrillo

2022 Winter Solstice Greetings!

Winter has arrived and with it we are seeing epic forces of nature all across Hawai’i. From torrential rainfall ushered in by big gusty winds and thundering lightning storms to Mauna Loa’s stunning eruption and amazing lava flow, all across Hawai'i we are experiencing the big changes of Lonoikamakahiki season and today Winter Solstice is upon us.

Winter Solstice is the celestial event when the sun marks its southern point along the equator at the Tropic of Capricorn before once again aligning to the North and steadily delivering growing warmth and daylight upon the Earth.

During this transition and for several days, the sun appears to stand still along the horizon as the sunrise and sunset occurs in the same spot before moving north again. Interestingly, the word solstice literally means the sun stands still. While the sun lingers in its annual celestial tide, there is a moment to breathe in this pivotal moment and reflect upon this years’ growth, harvest, and our own personal relationship with the natural environment.

This is the time to take stock of those processes - both in the garden and out- what worked – yay! And this is also the time to learn from those processes that didn’t end up quite how we hoped and imagined they would.

As you pause to stand still in honor of this celestial event and sit with your intentions for this coming year of 2023, what goals and dreams will you cultivate and tend?

What seeds will you sow and faithfully protect so that they can thrive to grow and blossom into the prayers of those who came before them?

The farmers and seed growers at Hawai'i Seed Growers Network send you our very best wishes for a Holiday Season full with delightful belly and soul nurturing abundance...and we send that wish along with each and every seed we send to you.

Mahalo nui from all of us,

Hawai'i Seed Growers Network

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