• Nancy Redfeather

It All Begins...and Ends With Seed

Close your eyes for a second and think back...what is your earliest memory of placing a seed in the soil? Maybe it was in your families backyard, in a pot, or at school. What do you remember...and how did that simple act influence you later in life?

For me, my earliest memory of seed begins when I am six years old. That summer my father asked me if I would like to help him plant a sweet pea garden along one wall in our backyard in Los Angeles. We prepared the narrow bed and stretched string from the soil to the top of the wall. Then he carefully placed the little round balls of sweet pea seed into my outstretched hand and showed me how to press them carefully into the soil. It seemed like in no time at all, towers of multi-colored sweetly scented flowers would call me from my play…smell me…pick a bouquet for mother. My gardening life seems to have unfolded from that moment in time and yes, I’d love to hear your stories. nancyredfeathe